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Think back to March 2020.

I’m recalling the images from Italy I saw of people singing to each other from their balconies. Those images filled our hearts with hope in humanity. It showed us that when the going gets tough, we can still count on our communities.

At that the time, we were being sent home to self-quarantine, and learning the difference between essential and non-essential workers. The feeds were focused on what we would do when things got back to normal. And better yet, the goal to build a better new normal on the other side of the pandemic. I’m curious how that is going for everyone?

I’m asking, because I don’t see it mentioned much anymore.

I think we could be missing a big opportunity.

There are times in everyone’s lives when we feel called to “more.” Times when we instinctively recognize that something in life is a bit off, or not quite what it could be. We feel pulled to create a change, to make an impact, to do something different that will make our mark or to feel more vital and alive…

Sometimes we know we want change, but we get stuck. We can’t quite see a clear path, or even what we really want, or what that change should look like. So we wait. For clarity, for insight, for someone else to step in and clear the way… We ask ourselves things like “Does my voice even matter?” “Is it worth it to put myself out there?”

But here’s a problem with that:

Life will continue on with or without you. While you wait, or press the pause button on your inner nudges, life will fill in the gaps for you.

And not with good, empowering, forward moving things, mind you. Nope. It’s more of a slow molasses-type movement that fills the space of possibility with the old normality and the noise that drowns out your voice. A month will go by and you’ll realize that not much is different. And that sparkle you felt? That nudging to do more? It’s faded into the mundane.

In the meantime, let’s recap 2020.

So far this year we’ve been in a global pandemic, are experiencing economic turbulence that is hurting more people and still somehow helping a few, and we’ve once again seen the ugly truth of systemic racial injustice in our country. There are fires raging, earthquakes rumbling, and immigrants being held in prison-like conditions at our borders.

The truth is, there are so many things we need to get busy fixing it can be overwhelming. Just check out this list of causes that my friend Omkari Williams has put together. The immensity of it all can contribute to our inaction.

When the pandemic hit our nation at the beginning of this year, I, like many of you was inspired to be a part of the change. I heard the call to build a new normal together. I let my heart lead and I answered.

If you don’t know me, I will tell you a little something about myself: I’m a person of action. I do. I create. I plan. And I do this for the purpose of serving others.  I do this for the purpose of finding a way through this chaos we humans have the tendency to create and back to the source of our authentic humanity and inner peace. I do it because I need it, and I know you need it too.

And so I’ve been busy these last few months pulling together resources to help you create your path to meaningful change. These resources live in an online toolkit called Normal 2.0. And right now, you can access the first of the 5-part series for free. You just have to register on my learning site at Normal and you’ll have 2 weeks to poke around undisturbed, learning and being inspired to create your version of the better new normal we were all talking about back in March.

Answer the nudge.

Don’t let yourself get swallowed back into the numbing mundane. Let me walk you through how to design a future that works better for you and for me and for all of us. You’ll be surprised how simple it is to create a life that you love, and that reinvests your unique value in creating a place of joy, hope, and real community. I’ll see you there, Michelle

Michelle Sterling is the Founder and Owner of Vis Activa Learning and the learning website Now Back to Me. If you are interested in supporting her work as a woman-owned business, thought leader, learning strategist, and supporter of individuals ready to make meaningful change, please connect.