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I’ve spent over 30 years as a leader in workplace learning design and implementation.  Over those years, I developed a deep expertise in fields related to the employee performance like: human dynamics in the workplace, adult learning techniques, measuring and evaluating training impact, change management strategies, corporate culture initiatives, coaching emotional intelligence, and increasing employee engagement.

But here’s the truth:

It’s the conversations I’ve had with the people I’ve met along the way that really keep me motivated to always find a better way.

Whether it’s in my workshops or in meetings, I’ve heard you loud and clear:

Daily life can be a bit of a struggle, and we’re not taught how to navigate our way through those struggles while maintaining a sense of inner peace. I’m here to help change that. 

That’s what this site is all about.  Because if we ever expect to live in a world that models peace, we have to be able to model it within ourselves first.

It’s my ongoing goal to help individuals and organizations find ways to leverage learning to get what they want out of life…without adding to their noise.  I look forward to helping you too.

Michelle Sterling, Founder, Now Back to Me

Michelle Sterling

Founder, VisActiva Learning and NowBacktoMe.com

Workplace Learning and Performance Expert
Activist for Inner Peace

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“The truth is we never stop learning.  So why not learn something that can help move your life in a direction that inspires you.”



About Me

Dr. Raquel Garzon is the co creator and key contributor of the normal 2.0 toolkit at www.normal2-0.com

Dr Garzon is most widely known as a speaker and thought leader focused in the areas of performance, resilience, and wellness. Raquel has created, designed, and delivered her inspirational programs to tens of thousands of high performers, impacting those in the areas of business, medicine, military, and sports in over 25 countries.

Taking these valuable topics further, Raquel works to reach underserved communities with her resilience and wellness programs, helping them pave the way to pursue the best for themselves, and those in their communities.

Her passion is empowering individuals to live the most vibrant and meaningful lives they can. Her contagious energy and enthusiasm will provide you with just the spark you need to gladly accept the challenge.

Dr. Raquel Garzon

Founder, Revitalize Project

Speaker, Thought Leader and Expert in the areas of performance, resilience, and wellness.

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I am always on the lookout for organizations looking to bring cutting-edge personal effectiveness and self-leadership training solutions to their workplace.  If you would like to learn more about how you might work with me to bring this, or other personal development solutions to your organization, please reach out.  You can learn more about my background and learning strategy and consulting work by clicking the link below.
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